Upholstery Cleaning Everett, WA

Furniture and upholstery must be kept clean, but at the same time, handled with care; as these precious things can be damaged too easily when handled incorrectly. An example is cleaning the vinyl , the best way to do it is by blotting out the stain with a dry cloth, then applying a mild detergent to soak the stain and then allow it to quickly dry. As for leather materials, the best way to clean stains is to remove it as quickly as possible, because leather does not respond well to soaking in water or detergent.

It is important that you know what detergent to use for your upholstery and furniture. A wrong choice of detergent could lead to damages such as color loss. It is very important to understand the type of material and the type of fabric, so that you can better choose what type of cleaning agent to use. For example, a synthetic fabric can take rougher detergents, but cotton or other similar fabrics need to be handled by mild detergent only. Knowing these ensures the protection of your furniture and can avoid damages such as color loss and the like.

Regular cleaning is always a good idea, even when your furniture and upholstery seemingly look clean, because dust and bacteria may not be visible to the eyes, and can still remain accumulated. If you want to make sure you get quality cleaning, and keep safe your valuable furnitures’ quality as well, it is recommended to employ none other than those who are experts in the said field of providing cleaning.

If you want guaranteed satisfaction for your upholstering and furniture cleaning services, call Olympic Care Carpet Cleaning. Where your satisfaction is our number one priority.